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International shipping

International Shipping

International shipping is via UPS express courier or POSTAL SERVICE

EUROPE: home delivery 15 euros - UPS - GLS - OR POSTAL SERVICE WITH SIGNATURE (if the carrier doesn't find you at home he leaves the package in a point for 10 days. You have to pick it up in time or the package will re-shipped to the sender and you'll have to pay another shipment or you'll lose the order).

Europe: delivery to UPS Access Point (a pick up point near home) 10 euros. You have to collect the package in 7 daysPlease if you live in a small village, check locator here before the order. If the village hasn't a point UPS we'll ship with postal service. If the package returns to the sender (because you don't pick up the package in time) you'll have to pay another shipment or you'll lose your order.



Due to continuous prices increase, especially fuel costs, we have introduced a flat rate of min. 15 max. 19 euros for you, BUT this option is now limited to packages under 1 kg. 

You have three choices:

1. Ups express service with a usual high rate for packages over 1 Kg.

2. A cheaper delivery service. It is a traceable postal service for small packages (max 1 kg.) and takes normally 10-12 days (USA for example) up to 20 days to be delivered.

3. A cheaper NON-TRACEABLE postal service if you want save money also for packages between 1 and 2 kg. For this option, please, contact us at the email address:


Usa & Canada: home delivery 35 euros

GB home delivery: 18 euros

Switzerland home delivery: 22 euros

Rest of the world home delivery: 35 euros

Duties & taxes

For European countries, no duties or taxes are applied to customers.

For non-EU countries, if import duties are applied, they are charged to the recipient. In our experience, for purchases comparable to the average expenditure of this e-commerce, duties are applied in Canada (also for low purchases) and sometimes in South America. Duties are never applied in US.